art print
earth → man → machine (edition)


earth → man → machine (sample variations)

From artist Suzanne Nacha comes this limited edition screenprint, earth → man → machine, published and available only through Middle Path Prints.

earth → man → machine
by Suzanne Nacha

19 x 15 inch print
Screenprint Edition of 10 on Arches 88 paper
20 Unique variations, each with a different combination of printed layers (14 variations on Arches 88, and 6 on black Stonehenge paper)
signed and numbered by the artist

First exhibited at as part of Nacha's Interior Geometry exhibition at Loop Gallery in Toronto, 2017


Interior Geometry is an exhibition of paintings, screen prints and animations by Toronto artist Suzanne Nacha. Drawing on her background in geology, interests in industrial landscape and geometric patterning, she brings together a diverse collection of works that function as carefully crafted vignettes.

Inspired by industrial landscapes, Nacha’s animation works present seamlessly looped, staged scenarios. Viewed in ceramic boxes, these animated vignettes appear as windows onto other worlds. Their moving geometries play with the viewer’s perception - successfully conveying mood and offering a unique visual experience. While animations take their inspiration from the landscapes of industry, screen prints and oval format paintings draw on her background in the geological sciences. Conflating the standard pictorial formats of landscape and portrait—anthropomorphism of geological strata and references to historical portraiture cleverly combine to create absurd and ominous narratives. Further enriched by her use of complex color, knowledge of structural geology and studied shadow play, these paintings and prints put forward an existential narrative—one that illuminates our ‘earth → man → machine’ trajectory and relationship to geologic time.


Suzanne Nacha is an artist working in painting, sculpture, installation and video. Her work is imbued with a unique visual language enriched by her experiences mapping the far-reaches of Canada, creating geologic maps that span the earth’s continents and the study of structural geology. She has exhibited her artwork in Canada, the United States and Europe and is represented in public and private collections, including the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the National Bank of Canada, The Donovan Collection and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, she holds degrees in both Fine Art and Geology. She has taught in the Fine Art departments of OCAD, Sheridan/UTM and York University, and for the past fifteen years has worked in the geological sciences mapping geographies of fortune and need.

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